Best Ardhnarishwar Shiva Shakti Painting on UV Canvas size 54 inch x 36 inch 226

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  • ardhanarishvara Shiva Shakti Painting on Canvas
  • Material size: Export Quality matt finish Cotton Fabric Canvas
  • size: 54 inch x 36 Inch… 135 cm 90 cm including margin for frame
  • Unframed -Only Canvas Painting Carefully Rolled  in PVC tubes
  • you can frame as you like


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Best ardhanarishvara shiva shakti painting on canvas

ardhanarishvara shiva shakti painting On Canvas for living Room..ardhanarishvara painting…shiva shakti…hindu god lord shiva painting..lord shiva

MPROTECH Branded ardhanarishvara shiva shakti painting on canvas. …hindu god lord shiva painting uy Beautiful paintings and wall stickers Decoration product for your high-class flat interior… MPROTECH is a Digital Painting manufacturing unit to bring you a fine line of Canvas and digital paintings. We are making high-quality images & trials until we achieve what we can impress you with. We just want you to feel awesome when you admire it hanging on the wall…we are using Export quality Cotton fabric Canvas for home decor canvas painting and ..We are also producing our Painting on silk material and Vinyl Sticker Synthetic Material. We are using two types of Canvas like UV and Eco

MATERIAL QUALITY of ardhanarishvara shiva shakti painting..hindu god lord shiva painting


UV Canvas is a lifetime color base product not require glass for the frame and not require any restriction to hang on the wall its looks like the hand painting. it’s washable and moisture-proof…Eco Canvas color may be fade after 3 to 5 years if the painting placed a heated area or direct sunlight area… Require AC room For this canvas. for the frame, Eco Canvas also not require Glass for the frame it’s also washable ardhanarishvara painting…shiva shakti


FRAME DETAIL of hindu god lord shiva painting ardhanarishvara shiva shakti painting on canvas

We are not providing a frame for ardhanarishvara painting because having a 90 % possibility of damage from courier Handling and extra cost of courier charges because it’s to big size canvas… The Readymade frame is not good for high class flat and residential houses...Wall beauty depends on the frame and finishes so you can choose a good quality frame as you like…


Free Shipping All Over India…We Will ship ardhanarishvara shiva shakti painting. . shiva shakti.. hindu god lord shiva painting carefully rolled in PVC Tube

The ardhanarishvara painting (ardhanarishvara shiva shakti painting) is a composite androgynous form of the Hindu deities Shiva and Parvati (the latter being known as Devi, Shakti and Uma in this icon). Ardhanarishvara is depicted as half-male and half-female, equally split down the middle. The right half is usually the male Shiva, illustrating his traditional attributes.

The earliest Ardhanarishvara images are dated to the Kushan period, starting from the first century CE. Its iconography evolved and was perfected in the Gupta era. The Puranas and various iconographic treatises write about the mythology and iconography of ardhanarishvara painting. ardhanarishvara painting remains a popular iconographic form found in most Shiva temples throughout India, though very few temples are dedicated to this deity.

Ardhanarishvara represents the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies of the universe (Purusha and Prakriti) and illustrates how Shakti, the female principle of God, is inseparable from (or the same as, according to some interpretations) Shiva, the male principle of hindu god lord shiva painting, and vice versa. The union of these principles is exalted as the root and womb of all creation. Another view is that Ardhanarishvara is a symbol of Shiva’s all-pervasive nature.

Names The name Ardhanarishvara means “the Lord Who is half woman.” Ardhanarishvara is also known by other names like Ardhanareswari (“the half man-woman”), Ardhanariswar (“the Lord who is half woman”), Ardhanarishvara (“the [[Nataraja|Lord of Dance] (Who is half-woman)



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