Eight Running Horses Painting Realistic Digital Vastu Feng Shui 8 Horses Painting For Office Decoration

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  • Eight Running Horses Paintings Feng Shui Horses
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  • Unframed -Only Canvas Painting Carefully Rolled  in PVC tubes
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Eight Running Horses Painting Realistic Digital Vastu Feng Shui 8 Horses Painting For Office Decoration

MPROTECH Branded Eight Running Horses Painting Realistic Digital Vastu Feng Shui 8 Horses Painting For Office Decoration. Buy Beautiful paintings and wall stickers Decoration product for your high-class flat interior… MPROTECH is a Digital Painting manufacturing unit to bring you a fine line of Canvas and digital paintings. We are making high-quality images & trials until we achieve what we can impress you with. We just want you to feel awesome when you admire it hanging on the wall…we are using Export quality Cotton fabric Canvas for home decor canvas painting and ..We are also producing our Painting on silk material and Vinyl Sticker Synthetic Material. We are using two types of Canvas like UV and Eco


UV Canvas is a lifetime color base product not require glass for the frame and not require any restriction to hang on the wall its looks like the hand painting. it’s washable and moisture-proof…Eco Canvas color may be fade after 3 to 5 years if the painting placed a heated area or direct sunlight area… Require AC room For this canvas. for the frame, Eco Canvas also not require Glass for the frame it’s also washable


We are not providing a frame because having a 90 % possibility of damage from courier Handling and extra cost of courier charges because it’s to big size canvas… The Readymade frame is not good for high class flat and residential houses…Wall beauty depends on the frame and finishes so you can choose a good quality frame as you like…

You don’t necessarily need to use glass for saving the painting from dust… You can frame open canvas…because you can be cleaned with a damp cloth once in a while & no colors would come off… All are easy to maintain & clean By shampoo water.


Free Shipping All Over India…We Will ship carefully rolled in PVC Tube

Feng Shui Eight Horses Painting 

What comes to your mind with the word Horse? It is a symbol of energy, power, victory, and stamina for us. We have never seen a horse sitting because it never sits, it keeps on standing or running. Hence, it represents the energy and power which keeps on flowing, an abundant source of energy. This is the underlying principle of Feng Shui horse that makes them a symbol of power and thereby success. Effective placement of Horses for feng shui either in the form of a photo, sculptures kept at your home or office has a higher influence on your success in the various endeavor.

What does Feng Shui Horse Represent?

Speed , Power, Stamina, Success, Victory, Fame, Perseverance, Strength, Vigor, Passion

What Feng Shui Eight Horse brings to your life

The characteristics represented by horses are prosperity, forward motion or mobility, promotion or growth, loyalty, stamina, and success or victory. The specific depiction of horses, as well as the number of horses shown, also have symbolic significance. A horse or horse in motion can help you regain focus and direct you toward a path to success. All horses are associated with the element of Fire as well as strong Yang or male energy. We have a feng shui turtle also to help in the success.

Consideration while placement of a Horse

  • Images or statues of a single horse at your office can strengthen your power, authority and brings in goodwill.
  • Galloping Red Horses represents the male energy of keep going, and thus improves your business aggressively by the steady flow of orders/ jobs thereby increase in cash flow, reputation and fame.
  • Galloping white horses ensures a better and smooth inflow of money. It helps to remove obstacles relating to financial issues, as white represents harmony and steadiness.
  • It is recommended to have a pair of white galloping horses on the floor in the North or northwest zone.
  • Horses depicted in larger groups—often three, five, or eight—are stronger symbols of power and victory.
  • Grouped horses should be running or moving together to symbolize partnership, family, or combined strength.
  • Only consider horse symbol only in the form of figurines made of metal, wood, ceramic or as painting.
  • You can also place a decorated jumping horse with right foot stamping and lifted tail at your desk. The decorated horse is a good omen and stamping and tail lifted denotes sure success.
  • Prefer horse coming from the left side or facing the front. The horses should reflect happiness in their expressions and not anger.

What to avoid during placement of a Horse

  • Avoid horses that are sad, angry, or fighting with one another. These can generate conflict among family, household members, or business associates. Horses should appear happy and have a sense of purpose and direction for the most positive effect.
  • Never place a horse symbol made of leather.
  • Avoid images with horses that are incomplete, abstract, or segmented. These depictions can promote a sense of confusion, lack of control, or distortion.
  • Do not position galloping horses so they face outside or out through a doorway; you want their energy directed inside the home, not outside or away from the home.
  • Avoid placing horses in Wood or Metal feng shui element areas so as not to conflict with horses’ association with Fire.
  • Do not place horse images or figures in the bedroom. The power and vigorous activity of horses, particularly those in motion, can bring too much active energy to the bedroom thus resulting in a lack of rest and relaxation.
  • Do not place Feng Shui Horse Symbol in your toilet/bathroom and kitchen.

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Material and Size

Eco Canvas 36 inch x 24 inch…90 cm x 60 cm, Eco Canvas 54 inch x 36 inch …135 cm x 90 cm, UV Canvas 36 inch x 24 inch …90 cm x 60 cm, UV Canvas 54 inch x 36 inch …135 cm x 90 cm

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