crafttrip shiv parvati wallpapers Premium Quality UV Print Broken Wall View Ellora cave wall stickers for Antique Looks Your Living Room Size 54 inch x 36 inch

Material : Matt Laminated Synthetic Self adhesive UV Print Sticker ..Ready to stick on wall
Size: 54 x 36 Inch… 135 cm 90 cm broken Wall Effects
Premium paintings. Export quality digital reproduction. Oil based colors & Self adhesive Sticker with a beautiful matt finish laminated to protect the colors & increase the life of painting.
Unframed – Carefully Rolled & Shipped in PVC tubes


4,250.00 2,950.00


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Ravananugraha or Ravananugraha-murti (“form showing favour to Ravana”) is a benevolent aspect of the Hindu god Shiva, depicted seated on his abode Mount Kailash with his consort Parvati, while the rakshasa-king (demon-king) Ravana of Lanka tries to shake it. The depiction is labelled variously as “Ravana Lifting Mount Kailash” or “Ravana Shaking Mount Kailash”. According to Hindu scriptures, Ravana once tried to lift Mount Kailash, but Shiva pushed the mountain into place and trapped Ravana beneath it. For a thousand years, the imprisoned Ravana sang hymns in praise of Shiva, who finally blessed him and granted him an invincible sword or a powerful linga (Shiva’s aniconic symbol) to worship……

We at crafttrip are excited to bring you a fine line of Canvas and digital paintings. we are making high quality images & trials till we achieve what we can impress you with. We just want you to feel awesome, when you admire it hanging on the wall. we are using Export quality Cotton Canvas fabric for canvas print and synthetic self adhesive for sticker.. It is built to absorb machine print ink & brings a glorious visual once done. Digital printers we use are designed for fine art reproduction & our Inks are only Oil based for that gorgeous finish and long lasting color We use the safest shipping methods as the canvas is shipped in Tough PVC tubes to ensure the painting reaches you crease free. Our primary shipping partner is Blue-dart, FedEx They are easy to maintain & clean as the colors are digitally embedded on the Canvas or sticker . You don’t necessarily need a glass for saving the painting from dust as the painting can be cleaned with damp cloth once in a while & no colors would come off.

Avoid Scan Copy from others …this one same available in market from our print scan copy ..carefully follow our display and picture dimension, size you should be find out reality …our display showing actual size as per measurement and sofa set …we are manufacturer and creator our product rate as per quality original file resolution, printing media , printing machine and others .Covered under warranty – 10 to 15 year color warranty , Manufacturing defect, Wrong Size / Wrong design shipped.

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