Classic Pocket Flame Cigarette Lighter Like Zippo

Wonderful Cigarette Lighter like ZIPPO Lighter
No Gas, or Fuel in the lighter. Require Refill Gas Or Zippo Fuel before use
Please get or fuel it filled from a local shop before use, its requirements for safety purpose and air shipment
Wonderful for lighter lovers appropriate for outdoor travel
A choice for smokers and also can be gifts for your friends


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Premium Quality Stylish Refillable Cigarette Lighter Having a high-grade and high-quality cigarette lighter is the first smokers should take into consideration Designed for convenience, this classic shaped refillable cigarette lighter is long lasting and sharp flamed. It is best suited for those who like to have a surprise element in their accessories. The lighter is very durable and easy to use, a perfect gift for your best friend. Can be refilled at ANY local cigarette vendor/betel shop. It is a windproof lighter Note: Due to shipping restrictions, there may be NO FUEL in the lighter. Please get it filled from a local shop. Superb Quality Refillable Cigarette Lighter material to ensure it’s durability Runs on Butane Gas, easily available. Perfect gift for your loved ones. Packed in a beautiful box for gifting purpose. Strong Metal Body For Home or Office uses only. Big Size Can,t be kept in Pocket. Keep it as a showpiece in your Home & Office. It is more decoration or collection than a lighter Help show your noble quality and notable social position  Keep to reach out of Children, it is not a toy. I request to kindly visit my store for other items also.


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